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Thyme & Poe

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Well I didn’t tell anyone
But a bird flew by
He’d saw what I’d done
And set up a nest outside
He sang about what I’d become
He sang so loud sang so clear
I was afraid all the neighbors would hear
So I invited him in just to reason with him
Promised I wouldn’t do it again
-“Bird Song” Florence + the Machine

So this song has been stuck in my head for tue last few days. And the cruel end of the little songbird is eerily reminiscent of the ‘vulture eye’ of Poe’s “Tell Tale Heart” and the one-eyed feline of “Black Cat”. Often times it is the most innocent, helpless of creatures that find their demises at the hands of unstable narrators.

So of course I have to write a story along a similar vein. Or influence, rather.

So what do:
A Butcher
An inkpot
and one pig have in common?

Don’t ask me because I have no clue, but sincr those were the first objects that popped in my head, I’m running with them.