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Book IV. Dappled Harmony

Did the Cat go to see the Caterpillar, to share the hookah pipe as the two of them mulled over the endless years that they had spent in Wonderland, the countless eons of time that had passed?

  •  Brief description: In a sun-dappled glen, Alice ponders the mystery of the Cheshire Cat.
  • Genre: Fantasy, General
  • Price: Currently Free!
  • Word Count: 825
  • Where to Download 1:  Visit the Smashwords page here
  • Where to Download 2: Coming Soon!


Alice wondered why the Cat was so evasive.

It was in the nature of all cats to act as though they were better than anyone else, but normal cats did not talk perfect English and disappear on a whim into thin air.

Normal cats also wouldn’t speak in inane riddles, if they could speak at all. Even if it was a matter that could be answered simply, the cat would purposefully skirt around the issue until the questioner lost patience and left, unsatisfied. Or, perhaps he would give a response that implied several possible answers without confirming any. Occasionally, the purple animal would actually give a blunt, almost insensitively simple answer, but he had to be in a particularly foul mood not to play his games. Since the Cat thrived on observing and being entertained by the lives of others, such bad moods were few and far between.

If only, Alice thought, the Cat would act a bit more civilly, more of the inhabitants of Wonderland wouldn’t be inclined to shoo him away a mere five minutes after engaging conversation. Not that he went away for real, she reminded herself. After all, there was no way of truly knowing the precise location of a cat that preferred to keep part, if not all, of his body invisible. Sometimes, Alice wondered exactly what the Cat did see when no one else could see him. Where did the maroon feline trot to when he faded from sight? Did he sneak into the palace to take the Queen’s favorite heart-shaped milk cookies? The Queen was always complaining of the treats being stolen, but Alice thought the culprit was the King, since it was known that he had a notorious sweet tooth.


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