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Afternoon Ceylon, a Chroniker & the Shattered Looking Glass

A bit of whimsy and nightmare after Wonderland

This started out of the desire to write a fan-fiction that was not quite fan-fiction. I had no urge to expand story lines, but I did have an urge to use the template of the characters to create several possibilities and worlds for my story ideas. It all started one afternoon when, on a whim, I created the story for Uninvited Strangers. If you know me, you know I’m not a big fan of writing romance and fluff. I’d rather take a darker turn down the rabbit hole, which many have done in recent years.

The result is 6 books in different, but not entirely separate universes. Spanning genres of action, mystery, horror, comedy, romance, fantasy, and science fiction, I’d like to think that I’ve satisfied this particular itch.

Click on each one of the book titles to get to the info and excerpt page.

Book I: Uninvited Strangers (horror, general)

Book II: The Peppered Sweets Trilogy (romance, comedy, fantasy)

Book III: Mauve-Tainted Specters (science-fiction, horror, alternate reality, romance)

Book IV: Dappled Harmony (general)

Book V: Prodigal Aberrations (fantasy, horror, adventure, time warp)

Book VI: The Poison Forwards (action, adventure, mystery, romance, drama)


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