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Monthly Archives: June 2012

Left Words and Lack of Focus

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It’s not that I forget that I have a blog, its just that I have turned procrastination into an art form. And the fact that wherever The Butcher’s Inkpot was going was lost when I lost my phone, and I never got around to updating it.

I also looked around my room at some of the many binders I have (yes, I am a stationary whore. I admit it. There’s a reason I can’t go into Staples unsupervised) and found a crap load of stories and plot lines that date back to when I was 15, so just about 10 years ago. While many of these have been filed in my more updated, “backburner” pile, there were several I had forgotten all about. Maybe, once I get the current stories out my head, I’ll actually work on them. There’s a thought for procrastination if I ever heard one….

At least I was correct in numbering the binder. Image